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Here is what readers have to say about Prince of the Pharisees, by John Riley Myers.

Reader Review: “…a jolly romp.”

Prince of the Pharisees was a jolly romp.  I passed it along to my good friend in Canberra. Sam L. (Hobart, Australia)

Reader Review: “…thoroughly captivating…”

I loved Prince of the Pharisees. It was a thoroughly captivating novel. I loved the characters, even the ones I loved to hate, so wonderfully developed down to the last detail. The novel had so many elements that I not only adored, but also identified with. Myers’ representation of the religious right was a bull’s eye; sad, [...]

Reader Review: “…I couldn’t put down the book.”

I just finished reading Prince of the Pharisees this weekend.  It was very well-done.  At first, I had no idea how all of the characters were going to come together, but I really got attached to each of them.  Even as Myers went back and forth between the storylines, I was able to keep up with the [...]

Reader Review: “…my political fantasy…”

I really enjoyed Prince of the Pharisees.  I love how Myers was able to bring all of the characters together at the end.  Also, the way the story ended was pretty much my political fantasy (as well as the fantasy of many people I know).  I passed the book on to some friends yesterday, and I’m [...]

Reader Review: “Prince of the Pharisees is a very fun read.”

Prince of the Pharisees is a very fun read. I enjoy anything political, and I loved Prince. Myers did a great job with the characters… : ) Gail H. (Chicago)