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About the Book

Prince of the Pharisees is a raucous social satire on the current state of politics, religion, and sex in this country.  The ensemble cast of characters includes the reigning queen of family values, a brassy black lesbian journalist, a charismatic conservative U.S. senator determined to be the Republican presidential nominee and a lonely drag queen searching for his biological family.  Their lives intertwine in the days leading up to the Republican convention in 2012 with tragi-comic consequences.

Disappointed by wedge politics used to sow hate, author John Myers has put into words a dream that came to him in the final days before the 2004 election.  An active volunteer in Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign, Myers served as Chairman of the campaign’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Committee.

Long before Sarah Palin used her Down Syndrome child as a political prop, long before John McCain attempted to ride his POW experience into the White House, long before Idaho Senator Larry Craig got caught cruising an airport men’s room, and long before the religious right stormed Washington to protest George Bush’s successor, John Myers brought to life a vivid tale that eerily foresaw the dark rumbling forces that threaten to destroy the social fabric of this nation.