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About the Publisher

Arthur Breur founded Breur Media Corporation, as a web development and graphic design services company, in July 2001.  The name of the company was chosen carefully, intentionally leaving open the possibility of branching into any of the audio/visual media.  With Breur’s background in composition and piano performance—in addition to more than 10 years working in graphic design and multimedia at that time—music was the original motivation for this inclusive corporate naming strategy.

Even before starting the company, Breur had received his first request for editorial review of a novel from author Joshua Dagon in the summer of 2000.  Already aware of Dagon’s abilities as columnist and playwright, Breur enthusiastically agreed, not realizing that Breur Media Corporation would be the eventual publisher of the resulting books, The Fallen and Demon Tears.

In addition to book publishing, Breur added printed news media to his offerings when in early 2009 he took on the role of editor-in-chief for ACCESSline, a monthly newspaper for the LGBT and HIV+ communities in the state of Iowa.

Arthur Breur would like to congratulate John Myers on the publication of Prince of the Pharisees, and he invites new readers to enjoy meeting its intriguing cast of characters.